2018 Traffic Survey

Traffic is one of the most common topics council hears about.  To help me and the City of Shaker Heights better understand traffic hot spots this petition was originally circulated in 2016. This summer, it's back by popular demand.  Please "sign" with your name and address.  This will help us understand which areas are most impacted.  Also, please add any optional comments helpful to understanding the traffic situation in your neighborhood. The results will by presented to the Safety and Public Works Committee and reviewed by the Police Department.  In 2016, SHPD reviewed the list line-by-line and made a number of improvements.  I can't promise a "silver bullet" solution but will make sure your concerns are put in front of the right people.  Thank you for participating - Tres 

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  • signed 2018-06-04 08:48:07 -0400
    Overall, traffic is a mess. People fly – and get mad when you go 25 on a side street. Recently neighbors took down a lemonade stand bc traffic was moving so fast on rocklyn.

    Red lights ar major intersections are not safe – 2 and 3 cats go not just after the light turns red, but after the other direction is green.
  • signed via 2018-06-01 15:55:02 -0400
    Two areas of concern: (1) westbound Aldersyde on school mornings is a dangerous combination of students on bikes with their classmates (and others) speeding past them on cars—perhaps a painted bike lane and some traffic calming measures would avoid what will some day be a bad situation; and, (2) Avalon is a major cut through, contributing to the traffic on Aldersyde and Fernway and diminishing values of homes on Avalon. The traffic calming devices on Avalon slow traffic, but they do not reduce traffic. I would favor terminating Avalon at Fernway and allowing only bikes and pedestrians through. Let folks use Chagrin and Lee and improve life on Avalon.
  • signed 2018-05-31 16:34:43 -0400
    I’m extremely concerned about Sussex becoming a neighborhood of cut-through streets due to the extreme congestion on Chagrin Blvd. near Warrensville and VAD. I see a lot of speeding cars on Lytle and Traver trying to get back on Warrensville southbound.
  • signed 2018-05-31 12:11:19 -0400
    Traffic backing up at the lights on Warrensville Rd at the post office, Northfield, and UHHS drives. Especially so mid to late afternoon and rush hour
  • signed 2018-05-30 12:58:46 -0400
    Cut through traffic zipping in at green fair mount then back out Rocklyn to green … Is this to avoid one light?

    The area already has laurel traffic but that does not bother me.

    Rolling stop signs and patents texting once they leave off at laurel, that does bother me. Danger!
  • signed via 2018-05-29 22:47:56 -0400
    Cars cut through on Eaton Rd. at really unsafe speeds; the new speed sign is a step in the right direction but it’s only for cars traveling one direction and also doesn’t register their speed until they are down a good part of the street already. Would highly recommend looking at other ways to reduce volume/speed of cut-through traffic – there are a ton of young kids out playing and it feels really dangerous at times with fast and distracted drivers. Thank you for looking at options to help the problem!
  • signed via 2018-05-29 11:43:56 -0400
    I would also like to emphasize the cut through traffic on Eaton Rd. While the speed monitor was a needed addition, it does nothing to slow down the drivers turning off S Woodland Rd onto Eaton.
  • signed via 2018-05-28 23:12:53 -0400
    Slow down the traffic on Eaton road Cut through
  • signed 2018-05-27 15:03:15 -0400
    Eaton Rd between S. Woodland and Shaker appears to be a major cut through. It is alarming how fast cars travel on this street, which is filled with young kids.
  • signed 2018-05-27 13:05:23 -0400
  • signed via 2018-05-27 12:32:45 -0400
    Echoing the concerns others have already mentioned about high-speeds and cut-through traffic on Eaton. There is a speed monitor mounted but doesn’t seem to register speed until car has already passed by.
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    Sign the petition: 2018 Traffic Survey
  • signed via 2018-05-27 12:11:29 -0400
  • signed 2018-05-25 21:56:28 -0400
    Woodbury is so congested during the school day. I wish it was one way during school hours instead of just limited times.

    Also I wish there was some way to get a “slow” sign at the corner of Kingsley and Marchmont.. it is a blind spot and I am afraid for kids playing near the curve.
  • signed via 2018-05-25 20:32:26 -0400
    Slow down traffic on Eaton road between shaker and south woodland.
  • signed via 2018-05-25 13:29:49 -0400
    I echo the comments made by Scott Goss (for full disclosure, my husband) and am particularly concerned with crossing Chagrin at Lynnfield. When traveling by car, one practically has to risk death to make it across the intersection, and when travelling by foot, it is nearly impossible. I have seen several people, some with strollers, waiting to cross the street for over 5 minutes and then having to sprint across while cars nearly clip them. This is frankly unacceptable for a community that prides itself on begin walkable and having great access to public transportation.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2018-05-25 13:09:46 -0400
    Sign the petition: 2018 Traffic Survey
  • signed 2018-05-25 13:09:18 -0400
    Would like to see improvements on how north/south traffic crosses Chagrin between Norwood and Avalon. Expecting all traffic to divert only to where there are lights is unreasonable, especially for pedestrian traffic. Better defined crosswalks (with blinking lights) at Lynnfield, Glencairn, Ingleside, and Daleford is greatly needed. With the reconfiguration of the Warrensville/Chagrin intersection, traffic is much more consistent along Chagrin, making it dangerous to cross safely, especially during morning and evening rush hour. Being that the city prides itself on it’s access to public transportation and the new downtown at Van Aken, it’s surprising more efforts are not made to make traffic near them better.
  • signed 2018-05-25 12:12:41 -0400
    I live at the corner of Norwood and Chagrin. I’m not at all interested in turning south-bound Norwood into a two-way street again. The influx of traffic cutting through from eastbound Chagrin to southbound Warrensville would be a huge negative for the neighborhood — and especially all of the young families and children associated with the Shaker Family Center.
  • signed via 2018-05-25 09:58:42 -0400
    Traffic on Eaton is too fast as this is a cut through street. It is especially fast from cars turning from Shaker Blvd. south onto Eaton road and fly down that short part of the street (between Shaker and Oxford) to the stop sign. Many then barely brake at the stop sign and zoom ahead as part of their cut through.
  • signed 2018-05-25 08:37:30 -0400
    Need to have someone who understands traffic flow arrange the orange barrels going west on Farnsleigh just past Warrensville. For months the “do not enter” sign was posted on both ends but traffic going West was allowed (and still is). Now there is a “do not enter” sign just West of Helen but the lane is open going West only. So should you travel on it or not? At other times as the workers work they move the barrels all over the place and it is impossible as you drive to know where to go…they just push them around. Why it is taking months to finish the work by the bank is a mystery to me.
  • signed via 2018-05-24 21:55:20 -0400
    People who use Almar Drive and Somerset as cut-throughs to the east and south of the Warrensville/S. Woodland intersection drive way too fast. It’s especially disturbing when the kids on waiting for (or getting off) the school bus. Speed bumps? Narrowing of the road? I don’t know but I’d really like to discourage pass-through traffic.

    Just read through other comments and want to add my voice to the request for a traffic light at Lynnfield & Chagrin. It’s often very difficult to cross Chagrin due to both the number of cars and the speed they’re travelling.
  • signed 2018-05-24 19:47:57 -0400
    Thank you for organizing. We live on Rocklyn I did not realize that it was such a cut through street for Laurel traffic and commuters avoiding the lights on Green. I would not mind the amount of traffic, but it’s the people who go 30 miles and above in a 25 mile an hour street with kids playing out in the front. Per my inquiry, the police put up a speedometer and I’ve seen people going upwards of 40. Corporal Salvage says that they have the data on the numbers of cars and how fast they go from the weeks the speedometer was there. I am working with about 10 other citizens to find ways to address the traffic situation all over the city. There is frustration all around and concerns for safety. We would love speed bumps, traffic controls like on Avalon, and more police presence. Drivers clearly know not to speed and blow stop signs in Cleveland Heights, but they know they can get away with these infractions in Shaker they are not enforced as readily. We will bring our concerns to the meeting with the police chief on June 14.
  • signed via 2018-05-24 18:05:58 -0400
    The intersection of Chagrin and Lynnfield is the biggest problem for me, especially when I try to cross Chagrin to reach the Rapid at 7 AM on winter mornings in the dark. The car traffic is nearly continuous during commuting hours, and there is no way a pedestrian can produce a break in traffic long enough to cross. The nearest light-controlled intersections are nearly a mile away and would add approximately half an hour to my commute—an unreasonable amount of time, considering that a car could get all the way to University Circle (my destination) in less time than it takes me to cross the street.

    I’m also concerned by what I’ve see on community Facebook pages recently, showing that many neighbors have hugely incorrect notions regarding the rights and privileges of bicyclists. Neighbors believe, for example, that bicyclists do not have the right to ride in the center of the lane (which they do), that bicyclists need to ride single file (they don’t), and that a major problem is bicyclists failing to make a complete stop at stop signs (even though cars are even more guilty of this, and there are studies showing that a “rolling stop” is a safe and reasonable solution for bicyclists). I would like to see more community education about the rights of pedestrians and cyclists, so that drivers will stop shouting profanities at me and my family when we’re the ones following the laws.
  • signed 2018-05-24 15:56:21 -0400
    Green Road is a mess between Shaker Blvd & Chagrin weekend everyday between 3:00-6:00pm.
  • signed via 2018-05-24 13:35:00 -0400
    Shaker justifiably boasts of its safe sidewalks; but safety for walkers and cyclists (including children riding on the sidewalks) needs to extend through intersections.

    The intersection of Lynnfield and Chagrin is an important pedestrian and cyclist route to the Rapid and needs immediate attention. Drivers don’t seem to realize they have a legal duty to stop for pedestrians at “unmarked” crosswalks. Some of them actually speed up, honking and cursing when they see someone trying to cross.

    We need a comprehensive solution, such as an elevated crosswalk “table” to slow cars, combined with pedestrian-activated Rapid Flashing Beacons on either side of the road. However, a cheap temporizing measure could be installation of large “Bicycle and Pedestrian on Road” warning signs, which would be a form of passive education similar to the excellent “Bikes May Use Full Lane” signs on Van Aken.


    Second, we need a comprehensive solution at Fernway and Lee, which is an important school route. In my teens, I used to ride my bike to Woodbury and the high school from Ardmore Road, and it was a safe route. But, just as at Lynnfield and Chagrin, the removal of the light at Fernway and Lee was a mistake. Dangerous crossings encourage families to chauffeur their kids—or to give cars to high schoolers—and those family decisions increase car traffic congestion for everyone.

    Third, the intersection of Chagrin and Lee is extremely dangerous for walkers trying to cross Chagrin on the east side (between PNC Bank and the pizza place). This is because southbound drivers on Lee who want to turn left onto Chagrin routinely violate the light. They continue to zoom through the crosswalk (often three or four cars in a row) when the “walk” sign is lit, and even when people are in the crosswalk.

    How about delaying that southbound left-turn arrow whenever someone has pushed the pedestrian button on Chagrin, to give people on foot a chance to cross?

    Likewise, we also need a “leading pedestrian interval” for walkers trying to cross Chagrin at Winslow Court, in order to stop drivers who are exiting Shaker Towne Centre from turning right exactly when the “walk” sign is lit. This conflict is especially hazardous in winter, when imperfect snow removal creates an obstacle course for walkers—many of whom are lumbering along with grocery bags.

    The whole five-legged Lee – Chagrin intersection is a fright for pedestrians and cyclists. What about at least studying the feasibility of a long-range plan for a traffic-calming roundabout? They typically take up no more space than an existing intersection, because they eliminate turning lanes. Elimination of extra lanes makes crosswalks nice and short, and Rapid Flashing Beacons can be installed to enhance crosswalk safety. Roundabouts slow traffic while keeping it moving. They can create a lovely gateway into a town. And they obviate the need to maintain electrical traffic signals.

    Thank you for your work!
  • signed 2018-05-24 13:26:17 -0400
    Helen Road is one way but many cars drive the wrong direction at very high speeds.
  • signed via 2018-05-24 12:59:25 -0400
    Eaton Rd. between S. Woodland and Shaker Blvd. seems to be a major cut-through for traffic. We have many elementary school aged and younger children on this block and it’s frightening how fast cars fly by.
  • signed 2018-05-24 11:12:53 -0400
    The speeding on Lomond, and any main streets through the Lomond neighborhood (Scottsdale, Glencairn, Lynnfield, Stoer, etc), is out of control. We live on Glencairn, middle of a block between two stop signs, and I’m shocked at the speed a car can reach by the time it passes by my house. I’m hesitant to let my children play in the front yard. Not only is it cars and trucks, but school buses too!

    I walk my daughter to school and we have to be incredibly careful at the corner of Lomond/Glencairn, because people either roll through the stop sign or often don’t stop.
  • signed via 2018-05-24 10:10:15 -0400
    I am very concerned with the amount of vehicles speeding on Lomond and Scottsdale. Someone passed me doing at LEAST 50 mph on Scottsdale, and blew right through a stop sign—my husband has had the same happen to him. I am terrified that a child will get killed! I agree with everyone else who mentions Lynnfield and Chagrin as a dangerous intersection and would also like to see a light there. I also cannot stand the amount of people that “cut over” at the last minute from the right, turn-only lane on Chagrin near Farnsleigh. It’s dangerous. Wish we could get poles put up to prevent that…