After working with Tres for the past four years, I deeply appreciate his integrity, business acumen, intelligence and fortitude. He knows both his own mind and the pulse of our community. Shaker will be well-served to re-elect a dedicated public servant, Tres Roeder, to a second term on City Council!

- Nancy Moore, Shaker Heights City Council
Reubne_HArris2.pngI have found Tres to be a pragmatic, yet empathetic, leader willing to listen to and weigh the perspective of others who may not share his personal perspective. I have found Tres to be a rational person acting with integrity, a tenacious advocate for what he believes in -willing to struggle to do the “right thing for the right reason” even when it may not be the easy nor initially the popular thing to do! 

- Reuben Harris, former member Shaker Board of Education


It is an honor to be endorsed by the Mayor and all members of the Shaker Heights City Council.  I am most proud of the endorsements from the citizens of Shaker Heights whom I serve...

Who's endorsing

Joan Ball
Apostolos Kontzias
Shirley McCormack
Kerry Wray
Nancy Peck Wemer
Roxanne Jaber
John Applegate
Kristin Kaelber
Dana Prince
Maria Koutroumanis-Pelletier
Brandon Cornuke
Brendan Foreman
Richard Roeder
Laurey Banker
ed stevens
Hallie Stewart
Mity Lenahan Fowler
Tom Conlon
Peter Anagnostos
Elinor Holshouser Danford
Kristin Kaelber
John Guinness
James Neely
Heather Weingart
Virginia Roeder
Maureen Merriman Glasper
Katie Brancato
Bill Welsh

59 endorsements

Will you endorse?

  • Joan Ball
    endorsed 2017-08-01 20:39:02 -0400
  • Apostolos Kontzias
    endorsed 2017-08-01 20:01:46 -0400
    Tres is a person of high integrity, advocate for people in need, role model for how civic duty should be carried out, great listener of community’s concerns. Transparent and forceful voice of change keeping in mind the interest of all Shaker residents. I wholeheartedly endorse Tres!
  • Shirley McCormack
    endorsed 2017-08-01 19:59:16 -0400
    Tres is honest and a forward thinker who wants to bring proactive change to Shaker Heights. He doesn’t just make promises – he follows up with action!
  • Kerry Wray
    endorsed 2017-07-30 08:35:14 -0400
  • Nancy Peck Wemer
    endorsed 2017-07-28 15:20:17 -0400
  • Roxanne Jaber
    endorsed via 2017-07-24 18:19:40 -0400
    I am delighted to endorse Tres Roeder for re-election to Shaker Heights City Council. He has proven to be a committed public servant, a tireless advocate for the residents of this city and always willing to listen, learn more and act with discernment. His exceptional character is matched by exceptional management skills and vision.
  • John Applegate
    endorsed 2017-07-21 23:08:49 -0400
    I’m all in
  • Kristin Kaelber
    endorsed 2017-07-07 13:58:06 -0400
    I endorse Tres Roeder for City Council without reservation! He has worked hard the past few years and has made progress on all his prior campaign promises. He has been able to work well with the different voices on council and cares deeply about our city. His leadership work on the Shaker Youth Center is amazing and he has initiated improvements in traffic stops in the Onaway neighborhood. I appreciate his email updates over the past years to let us know what is happening on City Council. Keep up the fantastic work Tres!
  • Dana Prince
    endorsed 2017-05-27 18:27:11 -0400
    Tres talks the talk AND walks the walk. Vision for ALL of Shaker.
  • Maria Koutroumanis-Pelletier
    endorsed 2017-05-17 08:03:15 -0400
  • Apostolos Kontzias
    followed this page 2017-04-29 20:22:04 -0400
  • Brandon Cornuke
    endorsed 2017-04-27 22:06:18 -0400
    Tres is more than city council member – he’s a leader. He responds to the concerns of his constituents and gives a voice to our community. He listens with an open mind and engages in thoughtful dialogue. Above all, he knows that doing the right thing comes first. I wholeheartedly endorse Tres for City Council.
  • Brendan Foreman
    endorsed 2016-08-24 13:48:06 -0400
  • Richard Roeder
    endorsed 2013-11-04 09:01:03 -0500
    I am Tres’ uncle. When he was very young it became obvious to me that he had a unique combination of traits. In addition to his exceptional intelligence and kindness, he showed a remarkably strong drive to succeed and excel combined with uncompromising honesty. I named him “my experiment.” In the real world, could someone succeed in business while retaining 100% of their integrity? After all of these years it turns out the answer is an unwavering yes. Tres Roeder has my wholehearted endorsement.
  • Laurey Banker
    endorsed 2013-10-01 15:51:17 -0400
    Tres is every bit as passionate about living, working and learning in Shaker Heights as he is savvy and conscientious about doing the right things for his family and community. Tres will be a great asset for Shaker Heights City Council!
  • ed stevens
    endorsed 2013-09-24 16:20:11 -0400
    How can I get a lawn sign indicating my support of Tres?
  • Hallie Stewart
    endorsed 2013-09-13 10:44:58 -0400
  • Mity Lenahan Fowler
    endorsed 2013-09-13 10:09:30 -0400
  • Tom Conlon
    endorsed 2013-09-01 15:38:22 -0400
  • Peter Anagnostos
    endorsed 2013-08-29 16:08:21 -0400
    Good background, educated and committed to Shaker.
  • Elinor Holshouser Danford
    endorsed 2013-06-10 08:36:42 -0400
  • Kristin Kaelber
    endorsed 2013-05-27 17:44:22 -0400
    Tres Roeder will work hard to improve Shaker Heights! Vote Tres Roeder for City Council
  • John Guinness
    endorsed 2013-05-08 11:15:52 -0400
  • James Neely
    endorsed via 2013-05-06 14:15:33 -0400
    Tres brings a practical perspetive to creating a sustainable future to Shaker while preserving the elements that truly differentiate our community.
  • Heather Weingart
    endorsed via 2013-05-05 21:21:28 -0400
  • Virginia Roeder
    endorsed 2013-05-05 18:30:40 -0400
    I am endorsing Tres Roeder for Shaker Heights City Council. He is a good man, honest and cares about people. Please join me!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2013-05-05 14:20:04 -0400
    I'm endorsing Tres Roeder for Shaker Heights City Council. Please join me!
  • Maureen Merriman Glasper
    endorsed via 2013-05-05 14:19:23 -0400
  • Katie Brancato
    endorsed 2013-04-30 21:18:38 -0400
  • Bill Welsh
    endorsed 2013-04-28 15:12:36 -0400

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