After working with Tres for the past eight years, I deeply appreciate his integrity, business acumen, intelligence and fortitude. He knows both his own mind and the pulse of our community. Shaker will be well-served to re-elect a dedicated public servant, Tres Roeder, to City Council!

- Nancy Moore, Shaker Heights City Council
Reubne_HArris2.pngI have found Tres to be a pragmatic, yet empathetic, leader willing to listen to and weigh the perspective of others who may not share his personal perspective. I have found Tres to be a rational person acting with integrity, a tenacious advocate for what he believes in -willing to struggle to do the “right thing for the right reason” even when it may not be the easy nor initially the popular thing to do! 

- Reuben Harris, former member Shaker Board of Education


David Weiss, Mayor of Shaker Heights

Earl Leiken, former Mayor of Shaker Heights

Sean Malone, Shaker Heights City Council

Anne Williams, Shaker Heights City Council

Earl Williams, Shaker Heights City Council

Rob Zimmerman, Shaker Heights City Council

Heather Weingart, Shaker Board of Education, President

Michael Bertsch, Shaker Library Board of Trustees, President


I am most proud of the endorsements from the citizens of Shaker Heights ...

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Maureen Merriman Glasper
Katie Brancato
Bill Welsh

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    I'm endorsing Tres Roeder for Shaker Heights City Council. Please join me!
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  • Katie Brancato
    endorsed 2013-04-30 21:18:38 -0400
  • Bill Welsh
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