After working with Tres for the past four years, I deeply appreciate his integrity, business acumen, intelligence and fortitude. He knows both his own mind and the pulse of our community. Shaker will be well-served to re-elect a dedicated public servant, Tres Roeder, to a second term on City Council!

- Nancy Moore, Shaker Heights City Council
Reubne_HArris2.pngI have found Tres to be a pragmatic, yet empathetic, leader willing to listen to and weigh the perspective of others who may not share his personal perspective. I have found Tres to be a rational person acting with integrity, a tenacious advocate for what he believes in -willing to struggle to do the “right thing for the right reason” even when it may not be the easy nor initially the popular thing to do! 

- Reuben Harris, former member Shaker Board of Education


It is an honor to be endorsed by the Mayor and all members of the Shaker Heights City Council.  I am most proud of the endorsements from the citizens of Shaker Heights whom I serve...

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