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Traffic is one of the most common topics council hears about.  To help me and the City of Shaker Heights better understand traffic hot spots I created this petitionin 2016. It's back this summer by popular demand.  Please "sign" with your name and address.  This will help us understand which areas are most impacted.  In 2016, the results were presented to the safety and Public Works Committee.  Police Chief DeMuth and his team reviewed the list line-by-line and made some changes.  Once again this year we will share results with the same committee and ask for feedbck from the Police Department.

Also, if you'd like, please add any comments you think will be helpful to understanding the situation in your neighborhood (for example, you may be concerned about an area other than the street you live on).  I can't promise a "silver bullet" solution but will do my best to champion the cause.  Thank you for participating! - Councilman Tres Roeder

Who's signing

Laura Herrick
Marc Pelletier
Steven Larson
George Diehl
Sandy Kaups
John Pink
Noelle Shanahan Cutts
Brendan Foreman
Charles Dozier
Sue Starrett
Eileen Anderson
Neil McEntaggart
Angela Noecker
Diane Lardie
Kris Krems
Jennifer Lewis
Stacey Hren
Sally Levine
Jenny Azouri
Lisa Hopkins
Karolyn Ladas
Scott Holmes
Rick Smith
Carmella Williams
Fred Jones
Danielle Munch
Susan Armstrong
178 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Laura Herrick
    signed via 2016-08-24 19:13:32 -0400
    I routinely witness cars exceeding the speed limit, ignoring the stop sign at the corner of Ashley and Brantley and have seen several cars blow past a stopped Shaker bus over the years. These poor driving behaviors are usually attributed to the parents of kids at University School because many do not live in Shaker Heights and simply do not care. I often wonder why the SHPD does not patrol this area more and I also wonder why this street is not considered a school zone based on the proximity to University School.
  • Marc Pelletier
    signed 2016-08-24 18:20:05 -0400
  • Steven Larson
    signed 2016-08-24 16:51:19 -0400
    Cars fly down Warrington Road at 35+ mph. Speed Humps would be ideal. Plenty of neighborhoods have them and can still be plowed.
  • George Diehl
    signed 2016-08-24 16:42:29 -0400
    Congestion has been increased significantly by “No Turn on Red!” AT ANY HOUR, 4:00 AM 11:00 PM Give us a break.
  • Sandy Kaups
    signed 2016-08-24 16:37:18 -0400
    Absolutely the first light turning left onto Warrensville from in front of the Post Office needs to remain. For those of us coming up Warrensville from 480 and turning into the Sussex area, it would not be feasible to re-route over to Northfield to get back into our neighborhood. However, I do agree that something needs to be done with the timing of these 3 lights and to stop traffic from blocking these intersections during rush hour. I would also like to see them go to flashing at other times of the day (not rush hour), and make them be on an automatic timer (rather than the touch pad) during rush hour as way too many people do not stop on the pad to trigger the light and traffic gets very backed up there.
  • John Pink
    signed 2016-08-24 16:14:01 -0400
    The use of independent traffic lights for 3: three way intersections within a span of 200 yards on Warrensville Center defies explanation. The first and third lights could be replaced with stop signs on Norwood and the exit to the UH parking lot. The single light at the end of Northfield would be sufficient to control traffic so people could easily enter Warrensville from these other intersections. This would also be an opportunity to allow entry to Norwood from northbound traffic on Warrensville (the same at Scottsdale). The new intersection at Chagrin and Warrensville should have eliminated the need to use Norwood as a shortcut and normal traffic patterns should be resumed.
  • Noelle Shanahan Cutts
    signed 2016-08-24 16:00:47 -0400
    I live in Onaway and walk frequently in our neighborhood and the Fernway neighborhood. Sadly, I witness quite a bit of unsafe driving. This includes driving at speeds well in excess of the posted speed limit, cars not coming to a complete stop at stop signs (oftentimes the cars do not even attempt a rolling stop), and drivers talking on their cell phones or texting. I often see drivers barreling down Chadbourne ten or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit. I rarely see cars actually stop at stop signs in the tri-school neighborhood or elsewhere. Yesterday, my friend and I were walking with our strollers and a driver ran a red light while we were in the crosswalk. Another time, I was rear-ended by someone who was talking on their cell phone while I was stopped at a red light. The fact that this is happening SO often leads me to conclude that it is not just passers-through, but also our fellow Shaker citizens who are driving dangerously. I urge everyone to consider how we can be safer, more considerate drivers. I also applaud efforts to study traffic, implement reasonable deterrents, and enforce existing laws.
  • Brendan Foreman
    signed 2016-08-24 13:47:15 -0400
    Our street is pretty good, but I do wish there was a way to prevent speeding through-way drivers. We’ve got a ton of kids in this neighborhood, and I hate to see people just speeding through without a regard to any little ones who might be nearby playing.

    Also, the Warrensville/Chagrin/Van Aken “Intersection” — that is, our soon-to-be Downtown — is of course still a bit of a nightmare to get through. Our neighbor works at American Greetings on the far West Side, and she has spent up to 30 minutes sometimes getting through that area on her commute back home.
  • Charles Dozier
    signed 2016-08-24 13:45:23 -0400
    I would love a speed bump on Lomond Blvd or a turn about to lower the speeds on Lomomd.
  • Sue Starrett
    signed 2016-08-24 13:22:34 -0400
    We still miss the light at Fernway and Lee — especially with all of the closed lanes and construction that seem to be continuous. Also, it appears that if I turn left/east onto Chagrin from Farnsleigh, I encounter an immediate red light at Lomond. Have all the lights at the new intersections been synchronized? I still can’t quite figure out how to drive east from my house without hitting light after light after light. I’m not advocating speeding, but the new traffic flow seems very inefficient.
  • Austin McGuan
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-08-24 12:56:46 -0400
    Sign the petition: Traffic Control Petition
  • Eileen Anderson
    signed 2016-08-24 11:36:22 -0400
  • Neil McEntaggart
    signed 2016-08-24 10:53:21 -0400
    I see a lot of people speeding through the 25 mph streets. In particular I have noticed many barreling off shaker onto Montgomery, but it is a widespread problem. I think we need a multipronged approach.

    1 – Maintaining flow on the arterial routes, a lot could be done with better timing of traffic lights, if lights, co-ordination of traffic lights with neighboring communities.

    2 – Discourage people from taking shortcuts going down residential streets, (lane narrowing like on Avalon and one way restrictions like on Colton)

    3- More reminders like the radar your speed is now signs, perhaps permanent drive like your kids live here. It should be possible to have radar signs that record the speeds of cars on the roads and then target those roads with severe problems for additional enforcement.
  • Angela Noecker
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-08-24 08:56:35 -0400
    Sign the petition: Traffic Control Petition
  • Angela Noecker
    signed 2016-08-24 08:55:55 -0400
    The corner of Lomond and Lynnefield commonly gets mistaken for a four way stop. I don’t know why but it happens so frequently that they could use a couple “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs.

    Also, the intersection at Lynnefield and Chagrin is a mess since the street lights were taken out. You can wait a long long time trying to cross Chagrin in a car and people take chances. And crossing as a pedestrian is also challenging. I want the people in charge of removing that traffic light to cross Chagrin on foot at 5:30 pm.

    Thanks for working on this!
  • Diane Lardie
    signed 2016-08-24 08:10:46 -0400
    Speeding is the most common problem on Scottsdale and other Shaker streets people use to avoid the main thoroughfares. Full stop at stop signs ignored often.
  • Kris Krems
    signed via 2016-08-24 07:33:43 -0400
    As a resident of another city and a Grandfather of four within your city, let me please add my two cents.

    Avalon Road is a quiet residential area that has turned into a high speed freeway. I question even the speeds of school buses. Van Aiken and Chagrin need to roll back speeds to 30 mph.

    And one final item….make texting and driving illegal .


    Kris Krems
  • Jennifer Lewis
    signed 2016-08-24 07:13:34 -0400
    I do not have a problem with traffic on my street, but as a former resident at 3336 Kenmore, I can tell you that speeding traffic is a big problem on that street. It is a major cut through for people, especially to and from work. Something needs to be done to slow traffic down on that street.
  • Stacey Hren
    signed 2016-08-24 07:07:34 -0400
    I’d reiterate that speed is the most common and dangerous issue. Thanks so much for your efforts!
  • Sally Levine
    signed 2016-08-24 06:42:17 -0400
    While the corner of Warrensville and Chagrin may be a bit better, the traffic on Warrensville going north to Chagrin and traffic on both sides of Warrensville on Chagrin have gotten worse. The same number of cars are crossing this intersection now as prior to the roadwork, and without finding ways to lessen that number, back-ups have simply changed locations. It’s simple math. Also, the corner of Lynnfield and Chagrin hasn’t been good since the light was removed.
  • Jenny Azouri
    signed via 2016-08-24 06:39:34 -0400
    The speeding on Avalon Rd really is out of hand. I agree with what others have posted about our street and the bump-out. I think the only option to slow down drivers, and protect our children, are speed bumps (and more police presence).
  • Lisa Hopkins
    signed 2016-08-24 06:30:03 -0400
  • Karolyn Ladas
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-08-24 05:46:46 -0400
    For my Shaker friends- Sign the petition: Traffic Control Petition
  • Karolyn Ladas
    signed 2016-08-24 05:44:18 -0400
    Avalon is a cut through, especially with construction on Lee Road. Drivers speed here despite the traffic bump out; I have seen several cars smash right into it during my time here, presumably texting and driving or otherwise just not looking at the road.
  • Scott Holmes
    signed 2016-08-24 05:14:36 -0400
    The intersection at Warrensville and S. Woodland leads to speeding. Drivers heading westbound with the two lanes end up racing to cut each other off where it narrows to one lane at Morley. At one point there was a solution going into place with a new light but the execution was poor and there were no painted arrow markers so drivers didn’t realize the left only turned left. Instead of fixing this solution it was pulled, why?
  • Rick Smith
    signed 2016-08-24 05:12:29 -0400
    Two unsafe intersections where drivers consistently go through red lights are Lee Road and South Park and Shaker Boulevard and Green Road.
  • Carmella Williams
    signed 2016-08-24 02:20:12 -0400
    What concerns me most is the appearance that the various projects that negatively affect traffic are ever coordinated to reduce the frequency of work in the same area or limit the amount of time and area is negatively affected. Lee Road is one example in that one project (gas line maybe but not sure) went on for several weeks. After that project ended and drivers thought thing would get back to normal, the orange barbells return to replace sewer lines.

    Maybe that is not possible due to funding, scheduling, or other reasons. If there are opportunities to coordinate projects, I would strongly recommend taking advantage to ease the pain of drivers and residents in the work zone.
  • Fred Jones
    signed 2016-08-23 23:27:21 -0400
    I often walk the mean Streets of shaker in the Lomond, chagrin and Fernway areas. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I or my dogs have come close to meeting our maker due to inattentive drivers

    I thing big flashing signs at crosswalks, crosswalk cameras may indeed prevent this happening before my time . I and my dogs thank you. Drive like your pets live here
  • Danielle Munch
    signed 2016-08-23 22:26:13 -0400
    Wacky intersection of Lomond, Norwood and Traynham (ECEC intersection). Many cars don’t really stop at the signs, and when I’m using the crosswalks with my children to get to the playground, many drivers don’t even let us get halfway across before speeding through.

    Also, the lights along Warrensville from Chagrin to Shaker are terribly timed in the afternoons. Traffic just sits at red lights, and often I sit through 8+ lights on that small bit of road. It’s frustrating to drivers and means more people cut through neighborhoods to avoid the lights and backup.
  • Susan Armstrong
    signed 2016-08-23 22:14:23 -0400
    First, there is altogether too much speeding through Shaker neighborhoods. The summer construction, while necessary, does not help at all. I am sure almost every resident would complain about the excessive speed of vehicles near their house. It seems like an active ticketing campaign by the police would be more of a deterrent than small steps on the many, many streets in our neighborhoods. I live on Huntington and can complain about my street, and while I don’t know the details on timing or issues of each street, I can guess which other locations in the Onaway neighborhood have cut through traffic and vehicles speeding and running stop signs.

    Having said that, we are on the drop off and pick up route to Onaway and Woodbury schools, so the heavy traffic times are the biggest issue for us. This is usually towards the schools area, but there are also drop off vehicles from the high school leaving in the morning. High schoolers also frequently race down our street when leaving in the afternoon.

    It would also be nice to get speed enforcement around the oval. I know there is a lot of enforcement on Van Aken at St Domenic’s when their 20mph sign is on. I have never seen speed enforcement around the oval or enforcement of the one way on Woodbury during school times.

    Thank you for your effort on this and please feel free to contact me.

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