Traffic Control Petition

Traffic is one of the most common topics council hears about.  To help me and the City of Shaker Heights better understand traffic hot spots I created this petitionin 2016. It's back this summer by popular demand.  Please "sign" with your name and address.  This will help us understand which areas are most impacted.  In 2016, the results were presented to the safety and Public Works Committee.  Police Chief DeMuth and his team reviewed the list line-by-line and made some changes.  Once again this year we will share results with the same committee and ask for feedbck from the Police Department.

Also, if you'd like, please add any comments you think will be helpful to understanding the situation in your neighborhood (for example, you may be concerned about an area other than the street you live on).  I can't promise a "silver bullet" solution but will do my best to champion the cause.  Thank you for participating! - Councilman Tres Roeder

Who's signing

Nancy Kirchner
Kate Smith
Roger Goins
Sahar Rizvi
Joshua Bourdrez
Christine Wolken
Jamie Wood
Jonathan Schonfeld
William Grant
Erin Murphy
Lynette Phillips
Michael Murphy
Carrie Rhodes
Rich Duval
Rav Patra
Patrick Azouri
Sean Peppard
Rachel Gurshman
Brooke Peppard
Christine McCandless
Lois Annich
Christopher Jackson
John Applegate
Bob Windle
Ware Petznick
Matt Libbey
Benjamin Woodcock
Robyn Stewart
Heather Weingart
John LeMay
178 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Nancy Kirchner
    signed 2016-08-23 22:10:16 -0400
    Nancy Kirchner
  • Kate Smith
    signed 2016-08-23 21:56:42 -0400
    Although I believe the reconfiguration of streets (Chagrin, Warr. Ctr. and Northfield) has been a smart move to help non-Shaker residents less fearful about entering our neighborhood, I can’t stand the configuration of the the traffic signals. This was necessitated by the financially-motivated realignment if Farnsleigh, not to add decorative landscaping behind Walgreens but to attract Investors to build yet another brick-and-mortar building. We don’t NEED new fabrication; we need to cultivate gardens and green space to rebuild our community.
  • Roger Goins
    signed 2016-08-23 21:49:45 -0400
    Speeding is a real problem on Glencairn from Chagrin crossing Sherringon Rd and reverse direction as well. Some don’t even bother to stop at the stop sign or even slow down. Early morning and evening rush hour are the worst. Sherrington is a short street but has been a cut through for speeders.
  • Sahar Rizvi
    signed 2016-08-23 21:23:00 -0400
    Jumping red traffic lights and speeding on Huntington Road between Southington and Onaway.
  • Joshua Bourdrez
    signed 2016-08-23 20:53:00 -0400
    Ignoring stop signs, ATV use in neighborhood
  • Christine Wolken
    signed 2016-08-23 20:51:21 -0400
    Since Morley Rd. is seemingly more of a cut through street due to the long light at Warrensville and S. Woodland. The cars speed down our street which is dangerous to the many young children that live on our street. Also, the double lane in S. Woodland going Westbound is an issue because cars attempt to pass each other from the right while going through the light when it is not really a double-lane road. Going east-bound, cars as far away as Falmouth cross the double yellow line to get into the left lane closer to the light at Warrensville making it very dangerous as head-on traffic is coming from the opposite direction. In the mornings, this is particularly an issue and is more dangerous because many children are waiting for the school bus at the corners of Morley and Warrensville as these drivers are trying to pass each other in lanes that are not passing lanes. I have seen many of them even pass stopped school buses at the intersection of Morley and S. Woodland.
  • Jamie Wood
    signed 2016-08-23 20:49:58 -0400
  • Jonathan Schonfeld
    signed 2016-08-23 20:43:22 -0400
    Too many drivers do not stop at the stop signs at Norwood and Lomond.
  • William Grant
    signed 2016-08-23 20:43:11 -0400
    I agree with the few comments that point out speed bumps and other “penalty” type fixes are not the solution. Human nature is all about incentive. Speeders don’t care about you or your kids, they care about themselves, that’s why they are speeding!

    The real fix is to get with the 21st century and install smart traffic controls on all the major streets. If the main streets are the fastest routes, the incentive to drive on them will be greater than driving down our side streets!
  • Erin Murphy
    signed 2016-08-23 20:42:44 -0400
    The timing of the lights all along Warrensville from Chagrin to Shaker Blvd is so inefficient between 3pm and 6pm.
  • Lynette Phillips
    signed 2016-08-23 20:42:04 -0400
    The traffic light locations and timing are still an issue along warrensville center road between Norwood and chagrin, at least in the early evening. Part of the problem is drivers blocking the intersections while waiting for a light ahead of them to turn green. Also, people are driving down Traver and Norwood as a cut through going much too fast.
  • Michael Murphy
    signed 2016-08-23 20:30:21 -0400
    Townley (and many other streets in Sussex) is far too often used as a “cut through” with drivers far exceeding the speed limit. This poses danger to all of the families in the neighborhood.
  • Carrie Rhodes
    signed 2016-08-23 20:27:06 -0400
    Lynnfield between Lomond and Scottsdale is a high speed area and there are so many children in that street.

    Lomond school drop off and pickup needs some changes…especially in front of the school and on Strandhill.
  • Rich Duval
    signed 2016-08-23 20:26:52 -0400
    The intersection of Lomond and Norwood is right at the Sussex school playground area – way too many speeders through there, ignoring stop signs, and no school zone signage there on Lomond (only on Fernway) – why?
  • Rav Patra
    signed 2016-08-23 20:15:50 -0400
  • Patrick Azouri
    signed 2016-08-23 19:04:01 -0400
    Avalon Rd is used as a cut through street and cars travel too fast on it. The new “your speed is” sign is a welcome addition but people still speed. Is it possible to remove the “traffic calmer” pinch point and replace it with speed bumps? I think that would help, as some cars speed up to get through the pinch point before opposing traffic can get through, negating the whole point of it and inviting accidents.
  • Sean Peppard
    signed via 2016-08-23 15:07:26 -0400
    Traffic on rocklyn is heavy and outrageously fast.
  • Rachel Gurshman
    signed 2016-08-23 10:39:32 -0400
    Ashley and Brantley, where people come off of Shaker and blow through the stop sign.
  • Brooke Peppard
    signed 2016-08-23 08:03:57 -0400
    Thank you for tackling this issue. We have called the police and Laurel school numerous times about parents/students going way over 25 on Rocklyn and busting through stop signs at Rocklyn/Shelburne and Rocklyn/Laureldale. Commuters also speed down Rocklyn as the street is a cut-through for people getting to and from the rapid and avoiding traffic on Green. We had a “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” sign, but I don’t think it did much good.
  • Christine McCandless
    signed via 2016-08-22 21:07:51 -0400
    I live on Weymouth Rd., which is a cut-through between Coventry and South Woodland and Van Aken. The stop sign at Weymouth and Chadbourne Rd. is ignored by MANY drivers, in addition to drivers driving too fast — over the speed limit — on Weymouth and Chadbourne Rds.
  • Lois Annich
    signed via 2016-08-22 20:22:50 -0400
    Our portion of Chadbourne is a straightaway that leads into Cleveland. (We are between S. Woodland and Drexmore/Van Aken) There is ample room for people to pick up speed as they drive toward Drexmore/Van Aken. People also speed on Weymouth to get to Chadbourne and then S. Woodland. I am forever asking motorists to slow down. It’s very dangerous!
  • Christopher Jackson
    signed via 2016-08-22 20:07:19 -0400
    People never stop on Drexmore going East or West it disgust me I pray no one hits a kid, mine or anyone else’s
  • John Applegate
    signed 2016-08-22 20:04:33 -0400
    Traffic on my street is now a major CUT THROUGH from Chagrin to

    mostly Lomond/Scottsdale. The 4-way stop signs are a joke. We at least

    need a speed limit sign. SHPD are welcome to watch traffic from my

    driveway any time. Come see for yourself.
  • Bob Windle
    signed 2016-08-22 17:32:14 -0400
    East bound Van Aken is forced to turn right or left at Farnsleigh. If you encounter a red light in the right turn lane, it is unclear what to do if you want to turn into the shopping area (Pearl, Walgreens, etc). Since it is one lane, the right turn on red traffic backs up and the horns begin. Perhaps additional signage should be considered.

    The turn into the shopping district is very awkward. Not sure what can be done, but this could become more an issue as the shopping district fills out.
  • Ware Petznick
    signed 2016-08-22 15:49:39 -0400
    Two main concerns – running red lights and people speaking on their cell phones. A woman decided it was her turn at a stop sign and kept coming at me, though I had stopped and was on her right… she was holding her cell phone up to her face.
  • Matt Libbey
    signed 2016-08-22 15:30:40 -0400
    I appreciate the willingness of the council to entertain options to reduce the speeds on our streets. Our block of Warrington suffers from being the “feeder” from those commuting via Coventry to downtown (often on Fairhill, North Park, or Fairmount). It is not unusual during rush hour to see cars accelerating to try to make the light at the intersection of South Woodland and Warrington. Our block remains quiet except for these morning and evening commute times.

    I also commute by bicycle on South Park, and I am shocked by the speeds commuters drive on that road east of Lee. It is a very popular spot for cyclists and runners, yet it seems very unsafe during rush hours.
  • Benjamin Woodcock
    signed 2016-08-22 15:08:15 -0400
  • Robyn Stewart
    signed 2016-08-22 13:59:31 -0400
  • Heather Weingart
    signed 2016-08-22 11:28:46 -0400
  • John LeMay
    signed 2016-08-22 06:47:00 -0400
    Would be great if we could look into ways to to reduce traffic speed on side streets (eg Courtland where 45-50 mph is all too common) – thanks for doing this

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