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Elect Mayor David Weiss

Dear Shaker Neighbor:

Election season is upon us, as you have probably noticed every time you turn on the TV or drive around town.  There’s something on the ballot this year that you might not expect--an election for Shaker mayor.  As members of your city council we’d like to share with you why that is and why we think Mayor David Weiss is the best choice to continuing serving as mayor. 

Earlier this year Earl Leiken stepped down as mayor to become Chief of Staff for County Executive Armond Budish.  City council had to choose a successor.  We interviewed many fine candidates including two members of city council.  We ultimately decided to select someone from outside city council to lead our city, David Weiss.  We chose David because we thought he was the right person, with the right experience at the right time to serve as mayor.  David had just left Developers Diversified Real Estate, a national and publicly traded real estate development company headquartered in Beachwood, where he served as executive vice president, secretary and general counsel. We are fortunate to have as our mayor someone with such deep real estate executive and legal experience, particularly as we open the $100 Million Van Aken District and plan for its next phases.  David’s commitment to Shaker’s economic growth is also demonstrated by his ownership of the Juma Gallery located just outside the Van Aken District in the Sussex Neighborhood.  David also previously served on city council and has served for many years on Shaker’s Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.  He is also a past president of the Shaker Family Center, now Family Connections.

Since taking office in April, Mayor Weiss has effectively led our city.  He has put his real estate and business background to work by leading the opening of the Van Aken District and putting renewed emphasis on our Lee Road commercial corridor.  Mayor Weiss demonstrated his crisis management skills in the aftermath of the Fernway School fire.  He worked closely with the school administration to develop the student placement plan and devoted city resources to minimize the disruption to the neighborhoods and students.  Mayor Weiss, working with our Fire and Law Departments, has been heavily involved in the investigation of the fire and exploration of remedies available to the city and schools.  Perhaps most importantly, he spent countless hours listening to residents and comforting them during a very challenging time.  Mayor Weiss has placed special importance on transparency and collaboration. He has moved up the budget process by several months and provided many more opportunities for community input.  He is also leading a capital facilities planning initiative with the city, schools and library. 

As if leading our city isn’t challenging enough, our city charter requires Mayor Weiss to run in this election to keep the job!  This election is only for the 1 year unexpired term of former Mayor Leiken.  We’ll vote on the next full 4 year term for mayor in the November, 2019 election.  Mayor Weiss is off to a tremendous start and we believe should be given the chance to continue to serve.  This will also demonstrate stability to our current and prospective residents, professional staff and the business community, as having 3 mayors in 9 months is not a reassuring message of a well-functioning government.

We believe Mayor David Weiss is the right person to lead Shaker Heights.  We ask that you join us in voting for him.  Thank you for your consideration.

Councilwoman Nancy Moore, Councilman Tres Roeder, Councilman Earl Williams, Councilman Rob Zimmerman

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